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Unique formulations of naturally occurring bacteria are nowadays used to clean-up environmental waste and pollution problems. AquaClean products are Natural bacteria formulas which solve environmental problems in ways that are compatible with nature’s own processes of recycling organic waste. With this approach bacteria, as well as specialized enzymes and nutrients, are utilized to accelerate the natural process of degrading organic waste by recycling these materials back into the simple, basic elements of life.

The complex compounds in the waste are broken down so as to release and return essential elements back into the environment, converting waste into the building blocks of nature’s cycle of life. AquaClean core products is a unique consortium of bio-cultures that contains highly effective aerobic, anaerobic, facultative, chemo-synthetic and photosynthetic micro-organisms that are perfectly safe for humans, animals and plant life. Working in harmony with nature, AquaClean helps rapidly restore the natural balance while providing a host of ancillary ecological benefits.

In agriculture, AquaClean increases nutrients uptake by converting natural chemical elements into attainable form for the plants. Presence of nitrogen fixing bacteria that can make nitrates which help in plant growth by increasing osmotic concentration. Aquaclean makes the plant resistant to pathogens.

AquaClean is a non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable non-pathogenic product authorized by the USDA for the treatment and clean-up of environmental waste. AquaClean when applied to a polluted area or remediation site, immediately begins to reproduce and attack the materials in the water or soil that have caused the pollution and its resulting maladies and bad odours. The micro-organisms in AquaClean are live adult bacteria suspended in a liquid medium able to quickly reproduce and adapt to different environmental conditions.

Due to its unique formulation and cultural fermentation process, AquaClean works both aerobically and anaerobically; it works with or without light, as well as in low to high acidic and alkaline conditions. As such, AquaClean is a very flexible treatment solution able to address the special needs of a broad spectrum of complex application requirements across a wide range of climate and temperature fluctuations.

AquaClean was developed to specifically reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and Total Suspended Solids, as well as treat Phenolic wastes, biodegrade hydrogen sulfide and other various pollutants. AquaClean’s effects are dramatic and cost efficient and also AquaClean complies with the strictest environmental regulations.