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Industrial & Municipal

Betco has developed and implemented several treatment plans based on the individual needs of major Municipal Sewage Plants around the world. Wastewater Managers have achieved better results in more Rapid Startups and System Recoveries, as well as maintaining Operation Stability making use of AquaClean products. The AquaClean products have proven to generate real bottom-line savings by increasing overall efficiencies and by greatly reducing removal and handling costs associated with sludge, organic solids, and fats/oil/grease, as well as lowering use of polymers and other chemical agents. Our products are also capable of improving treatment and drastically reducing sludge and scum accumulation in conventional septic tanks used in Labour camps.


Based on the individual needs of major Agricultural, Food Processing, and AquaCulture Facilities Betco has developed and implemented treatment plans. We work closely with facility management to treat wastewater in order to comply with discharge and pollution regulations. AquaClean is a non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio- product that is safe around humans, animals, plants and aquatic life and is approved by the USDA for use in and around Food Processing Facilities. The products are mostly used in Farm Manure Lagoons, Slaughter Houses, Poultry Bedding Compost Piles, Palm Oil Mills, and in AquaCulture to enhance water quality and growth rates of Shrimp and Fish. It is very effective in cleaning up organic waste problems and very cost efficient when compared to alternative treatments.

Commercial Fats, Oils & Grease

AquaClean tackles grease problems with ease. AquaClean utilizes a proprietary “5 day” mixed fermentation and facultative anaerobic growth process that results in a culture consortium with exceptional performance in facultative anaerobic and anaerobic environments, the conditions that exist in grease traps, septic systems and corresponding absorption fields.

Residential / Domestic

The use of AquaClean significantly reduces service time in system clean-out and pump-out of both septic tanks and grease traps, as well as assists in maintaining effluent flow into absorption fields where the systems are organically and hydraulically overloaded. AquaClean is applied at the time of pumping, and again if the system requires service. AquaClean makes a significant difference in the system’s condition at the time of service.

Since it is composed of microorganisms and enzymes, all 100% natural, which do not harm plumbing or the Environment, it is applicable in restaurants, hotels to reduce the smell in the rooms. Our products are also capable of improving treatment and drastically reducing sludge and scum accumulation in conventional septic tanks used in Labour camps.

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Open Water & Soil

AquaClean products are very effective for environmental cleanups of waterways polluted with organic waste. AquaClean restores the natural balance enhancing the biological oxidation of the slow to degrade organic compounds in lakes, lagoons, and rivers. Treatment significantly improves the health and stability of these natural bodies of open water, restoring their capacity to support aquatic life, as well as their value for conservation and recreational activities. AquaClean is a non- toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable, non-pathogenic product approved by the USDA, and complies with the strictest environmental regulations.


Crop and Soil Enhancement

  • Increases crop yield up to 50%.
  • Reduces demand for water up to 43%.
  • Reduces fertilizers run-off up to 25%.
  • Optimizes return on investment.

AquaClean represent a hi-tech revolution in plants growth and yield enhancement. AquaClean series of products consist of different combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms that share key traits for plants enhancement. Those naturally occurring organisms inhabit the root zone and vascular system of a plant, helping to breakdown, hold and transport nutrients and water.

AquaClean replace the natural soil micro-organism that is depleted through fumigation, tilling, harvesting and/or over use of chemicals. It is the only biological products on the market place that is shelf stable (shelf-life 3-5 years) contain photosynthetic and other vegetative cultures and does not use growth inhibitors. No other products in the market can meet these criteria.

The benefits of include increasing yields up to 50%, reducing demand for water up to 43% and reducing need for fertilizers up to 50%. Products are made in USA through a unique partnership between Applied and Experimental Microbiology (AEM) .


Nasal Ranger Field Olfactometer

The Nasal Ranger® is a portable odor-measuring device that allows users to quantify odor strength in nearly any location or circumstance. This essential tool offers an innovative, easy-to- use alternative to guessing at odor strength.

Now, facility operators, community inspectors and neighborhood citizens can conduct complete odor monitoring, regulation, enforcement and documentation in the field. The Nasal Ranger® goes beyond traditional estimation methods, easily measuring odor strength at specific locations surrounding a facility.

BioSol Safety

A progressive, innovative line of products; committed to the development of high performance cleaning compounds, without compromising environmental integrity or worker safety.

BioSol Performance

Uniquely engineered to achieve superior performance. Put to the test and proven by your tough cleaning challenges.


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